Josh Gebbie | Chief Science Officer

A long long time ago in a galaxy far far aw-wait never mind it was in Omaha. Josh Gebbie was born. Raised in Michigan, he moved back to the Omaha area in 2004. Always an odd child he found comfort in friends that were also odd. He remembers racing the bus home from middle school to arrive just in time to watch Toonami. To this to this day the Cell Games and Buu saga remain close his heart. In high school he found a love of science, specifically in physics class. Josh loves all things science-y and is the un-official science guy of Sexy Nerd Science. He spends most of his time with friends, working on his double major in Physics and Philosophy or hanging out with his faithful four-legged companion Bruce Wayne the BarkNight. He met Dru in high school and have remained good friends since. He dabbles in the art of Cosplay and crafting and attending Cons. Check out more of Josh on Facebook and Twitter.

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