Philip DeFranco | January 2017

This Month’s Sexy Nerd of the Month is Philip DeFranco.  PhillyD is an Professional YouTuber.  He is also the Senior VP of Phil DeFranco Networks.  Mr. DeFranco has created many YouTube Channels since 2006 and is one of the most well known YouTuber.  He has created The Philip DeFranco Show, SourceFed, and Nuclear Family, just to name a few.  Over the years Philip has created his network of channels with ties to news, comedy, and blogging.  But the reason we have choose him for Sexy Nerd of the Month is for his want to create a Non Bias News Outlet.  He sees that today’s media leans in different directions and he aims to correct that.  With that, we thank him for creating his daily show which brings many of facts to the forefront.

Check out some of the links below:

Philip DeFranco YouTube Channel

SourceFed YouTube Channel

The DeFranco Family YouTube Channel

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