Pros and Cons Cosplay | August 2017

Pros and Cons Cosplay is a cosplay group from the Mid West region of the United States, mostly focused around Kansas and Missouri.  The group is made up of twin sisters duo named Pro and Con.  The group has been cosplaying since 2005 and competing in cosplay since 2008.  They have cosplayed as together as the Thundercats, the Pokemon Go Leaders, and Dragon Ball Z characters, just to name a few.  We know Pros and Cons from different conventions we have attended and are extremely happy to have met them.  We chose Pros and Cons Cosplay to be August’s Sexy Nerds of the Month because of their creativity with the costumes and friendship they share with us at every convention.  Please check them out in the links below and listen to them as our guests on episode 28 of Season 3.

Check out some of the links below:

Facebook | Pros and Cons

Amino Apps | Pros and Cons

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